Amazon Best Sellers Rank – Everything You Need to Know in 2021

Amazon Best Sellers Rank – Everything You Need to Know in 2021

The top seller ranking is a metric that interest many Amazon Sellers in. However, what it is remains a mystery. Amazon isn’t very clear on the details, but we have some good insights into what it means to sellers from experience and public opinion. More importantly, we can infer from this information whether or not it matters.

Amazon best sellers rank

What is the Amazon Best Seller ranking?

Amazon Best Seller Ranking page describes it as an hourly calculation of product rank based on sales that takes into account recent and historical sales of each product sold on the same Amazon marketplace. You can see a product’s ranking in the Product Information section of the listing.

Amazon best sellers rank

Hourly Sales

Amazon assign products a top seller rank when the customers ordered them multiple times within a certain time period. For calculate it, Amazon compare with other products in the same category. A high rank means that it has recently sold more than any other product in that category. This calculation looks at recent sales rather than cumulative sales. Therefore, it does not give an accurate picture of how well a product is actually selling.

Products are also classified into subcategories, but the main category has the most weight. Similarly,  Amazon prioritize products in the top-level categories.

Because updates to the top 10,000 products are so frequent, the top seller ranking for a product can change instantly. Products that don’t make the cut, however, are updated after about three hours.

In addition to categories, frequency and number of sales, the algorithm also analyzes factors that predict future sales. This means that changes in the top seller ranking do not immediately reflect actual changes in sales.

Amazon best sellers rank

All Amazon

This means that the same product sold by the same store on Amazon US versus Amazon CA or in the UK, for example, can have a drastically different Best Seller ranking in those markets.

It’s important to note that the visibility of a product depends on where the customer is searching. A search on Amazon’s main page will show the best results for the most appropriate service, while a search in a specific category will show the best results in that category.


Does the best seller matter?

On the surface, yes.

Amazon’s algorithm identifies the highest seller rank as an upward trend. This tells Amazon that the product should be optimized in the search results. This means that the product will be prioritized in customer searches and placed in the section where Amazon shows what other customers who purchased a product also purchased. Products with the highest Best Seller ranking also appear on Amazon’s coveted Best Seller list.

And we all know that more visibility means more sales.

But looking deeper, the Best Seller rank doesn’t do much for a product’s visibility. It doesn’t add much to the organic ranking and fluctuates so much that it’s a headache to keep up with uncontrollable variables.


Vendors need to stop spending time and energy looking at the top seller ranking for their products.

Instead, they should focus on quality, reasonably priced products with optimized listings backed by solid marketing to get sales. That’s what you can control and how you get a high ranking in the Best Seller ranking – note the reverse.

The Best Seller ranking is just the icing on the cake, a trophy for doing Amazon sales right. Using the right launch strategy can help you get the initial sales you need to really succeed on Amazon. A good example can be found in this case study on how to launch from the top of page 1 without using heavy discounts.

By optimizing products, sellers can also collect positive reviews. Reviews are not factored into the calculation, but they play an important role in visibility (like winning the Buy Box) and ultimately drive sales.

Reviews come from customers who are impressed enough with a product’s quality and a vendor’s customer service to share their experience with others. This is what really drives sales and therefore search positioning in Amazon.

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