Are You Ready To Win Free 1-Year Trial On PricingScan App ?

Are You Ready To Win Free 1-Year Trial On PricingScan App ?

PricingScan, a new web based App, is The First Complete Amazon Sellers App with dynamic pricing which aims to facilitate Amazon Seller’s life and grow their business. App is different from competitor offers in three ways:

  • First we have a dynamic pricing (1%) adapted to seasonal sellers
  • Second we are focusing on the product management and product ranking.
  • Eventually we want to create a community for Amazon sellers by linking to Facebook and other social media and promoting their products.


We are looking for engaged Beta testers

Ready To Win Free 1-Year

Beta tester must:

  • be an active Amazon seller
  • have a a professional plan of Amazon seller central account
  • have a monthly revenue at least of $8,000 in Amazon
  • be interested in participating PricingScan App testing which mean:
    • be responsive to our communication,
    • follow our instructions
    • produce feedback on issues and/or suggest improvements

Ready To Win Free 1-Year

Obviously if you are selected, you win Free 1-Year Trial on PricingScan App. It’s a gift of more than 1 thousand of dollars for active Amazon Sellers.


How to participate to our Beta Testers Program?

  • First you apply on this link
  • Second you receive an email inviting you to fill out survey
  • Third if you are selected you receive in the next few days an email to announce it and the NDA (Non disclosure agreement) to sign with DocuSign.


Launch of PricingScan

Our team have launched PricingScan Amazon Sellers App since April 1st 2021 in its first release. It’s really a success and applications for sign up don’t stop!

But we need more engaged beta testers for testing deeply coming features in the future release.

According to their feedback, what early adopters love the most are :

More features will follow in release 2

We will launch Release 2 for end May / early June : it will bring new features like mobile friendly web app, Catalog Management, Inventory alert…

Those features are already in development and testing right now.

Obviously we receive so many applications for our Beta testers Program that we have to select only the best and above of all the most engaged.

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Alberto Ortega

Alberto Ortega is Frontend Developer at PricingScan. He constantly seeks discomfort and is always pushing to better himself in all aspects of life.

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Copyright 2022. PricingScan Corp. All rights reserved.