Are you Ready to win Free Lifetime Trial to PricingScan ?

What is PricingScan ?

We are an US/French geek team who have noticed that Amazon selling game is more and more competitive. And there is no tool which have a community building approach for sellers.

PricingScan, a new web based App, is The First Amazon Sellers Platform with Zero Fixed Fees which aims to facilitate Amazon Seller’s life and grow their business. App is different from competitor offers in three ways:

  • First we have Zero Fixed Fees and instead use a percentage fee of 1% on Amazon transactions. It’s a fair pricing adapted to Amazon sellers use and also to seasonal sellers.
  • Second we are focusing on SEO to improve product ranking, listing quality but we also extend to the product research to have a complete platform.
  • In the future, we want to create a community for Amazon sellers by linking to Facebook and other social media for promoting their products widely.

What I get in participating to Beta Testing?

Beta testing is now open will last until the end of the year 2021 (12/31/2021). But don’t wait, spots are limited to the first 50 applicants.

If we select you and you participate actively in beta testing phase, we offer:

  • Free Lifetime Subscription on PricingScan App
  • Cash bonus of $ 1,000.

It’s a gift of several thousands of dollars for active Amazon Sellers.

Remember that it’s a win/win partnership because you can influence development to your needs, to be a creative force and consequently provide your business with an Free Lifetime indispensable tool.

What do we expect from you?

You must:

  • be an active Amazon seller
  • have a professional plan of Amazon seller central account
  • have a monthly revenue of at least of $5,000 in Amazon
  • be active in participating PricingScan App testing which mean:
  • be responsive to our communication,
  • follow our instructions
  • produce feedback on issues and/or suggest improvements

How to join our beta-testing team?

  • First you apply on this link
  • Second you receive an email inviting you to fill out survey
  • Third if you are selected you receive in the next few days an email to announce it and the NDA (Non disclosure agreement) to sign with DocuSign.

More features will follow in the next few months

We will launch PricingScan Chrome extension on product research for end October / early November : it will bring new features browsing on Amazon marketplaces product pages.

Those features are already in development and testing right now.

Not convinced yet ?

You can book a demonstration on PricingScan App using this link. It will take no more than half an hour. Together we will see how useful this Application is for your Amazon business.

Conclusion of “Are you Ready to win Free Lifetime Trial to PricingScan and a cash bonus of $ 1,000?”

Don’t wait, spots are limited to the first 50 applicants.

by Nicolas Bourdeau

Nicolas Bourdeau is CEO at PricingScan. Autonomous, rigorous, professional with a capacity for rapid adaptation to various problems, he is ready to invest in founding projects and always taking up new challenges.

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Copyright 2022. PricingScan Corp. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2022. PricingScan Corp. All rights reserved.