Discover PricingScan the new Amazon Sellers App - PricingScan

Discover PricingScan the new Amazon Sellers App with dynamic pricing.

After 6 months of developpment we have the pleasure of launching our Amazon application on the US market.

Moreover, It’s the First Complete Amazon Sellers Platform with Dynamic Pricing.

All of this for only 1% commission on your Amazon sales in a month.

How work dynamic pricing?

Contrary to competitors there is no complex pricing and no limited features in our Amazon tool suite.

We are the only platform in the market to offer a sales support platform for Amazon sellers with dynamic pricing and without any fixed fee.

Because we know that sales can be seasonal so when you don’t sell you don’t pay.

More, all available features in platform are for all sellers without limitations.

Discover PricingScan

Features of PricingScan Amazon Sellers App

This Amazon Sellers App suite aims to help Amazon sellers to improve their business in bringing them several mandatory tools like:

Full fonctional dashboard for follow up

-Amazon Autoresponder to improve product ranking

-User management to be more flexible to your business organization

Now let’s detail Amazon autoresponder:

You can create email template or edit it:

Discover PricingScan

Then you create auto-response to associate a trigger (delivered, …) with an email template previously created.

Therefore you can set up automated email sequences based on a variety of triggers. For example a personalized sequence that sends after every sale updating your customer on the status of their order. You can also set up Amazon reviews ask to improve product ranking on Amazon.


You have also an interesting Users Management with the possibility to add extra authorized users according to the following permissions in addition to the main account.

This feature allow you to access and manage PrincgScan App with a team.

More features will follow in next months like catalog management, repricing and more community tools also.

PricingScan Team is more committed than ever to you in order to bring you the greatest added value to improve your daily life as an Amazon seller and that you meet the deserved success with our all-in-one plateform.

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Charles Cortinas is Full Stack Engineer at PricingScan. His philosophy: “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else." – Les Brown

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Copyright 2022. PricingScan Corp. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2022. PricingScan Corp. All rights reserved.