Discover The New Behaviors Of Amazon Buyers In 2021

After have seen statistics on Amazon seller now let’s Discover The New Behaviors Of Amazon Buyers In 2021:


Discover The New Behaviors Of Amazon Buyers In 2021 : Nearly 80% of Shoppers Use Amazon to Discover New Products or Brands

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Last year, nearly 50% of Amazon shoppers reported they were open to “occasionally” trying new products or brands on Amazon. This year, that number jumped to nearly 80%. Over the last few years, Amazon has made it a point to do two things:
-Get established brands to buy in as vendors and/or thirdparty sellers
-Launch more of their own private labels
The first goal lends Amazon credibility and could potentially opens doors for even more desirable brands. Nike is a notable giant who just started selling on the platform, but there are still others in apparel such as Rolex, Vans, Patagonia, The North Face, and Ralph Lauren, that haven’t. And that could be a problem. This isn’t just a call to arms for bigger brands to consider their Amazon strategy, it also means smaller brands have the opportunity to break into verticals that had previously been impenetrable—creating even more competition. We aren’t saying that every brand must be on Amazon—that’s dependent on your business goals. However, you can’t ignore the fact that your loyal customers are most likely shopping on Amazon, and 80% of them might not be as loyal as you thought.

Roughly 53% of Amazon Shoppers Feel More Comfortable Buying an Unfamiliar Brand on Amazon Than Anywhere Else

Taking our previous stat a bit further, we found that 53.4% of shoppers are more willing to buy a brand they’re not familiar with on Amazon than they would be on any other store. This isn’t necessarily just a brand problem. This is also a retailer problem. Granted, there are some big exceptions. REI and Costco are two examples of companies that have worked hard to build up consumer trust in their names, which gives customers the confidence to trust the new products they put on their shelves. (If it isn’t a sound product, why would Costco load in pallets full of it?) But if ~50% of Amazon shoppers believe in Amazon’s good name, enough to confidently say they’d risk purchasing from a brand they’ve never heard of before over places like, that’s a big deal. And it’s an even bigger reason to believe that more small and midsize brands on the platform will gain unprecedented market share via Amazon in 2019.


Nearly 70% of Amazon Shoppers are Either ‘Moderately’ or ‘Very’ Concerned About Counterfeit Products on Amazon

Counterfeit products have been a thorn in Amazon’s side. Once the press picked up what they called a “counterfeit problem” in 2016, the stories picked up steam. Particularly we can mention the public departure of Birkenstock. Birkenstock’s USA CEO David Kahan pointed to the problems with Amazon’s “open market”.  This is make possible for other brands to jeopardize the Birkenstock name by selling cheap imitations. Needless to say, consumers have caught wind. Amazon has cracked down on counterfeiters since then and put measures in place to protect brands. But there are still consumers who are wary of opening up a box full of frauds.

To conclude “Discover The New Behaviors Of Amazon Buyers In 2021”, trends from 2020 will continue. Even more brands will have the opportunity to steal market share from big brands. Average Amazon shopper’s openness will drive change to new brands and price-conscious nature.

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