Find out and compare Amazon Sellers tools chrome extensions

Find out and compare Amazon Sellers tools chrome extensions. But what those extensions are for?

For remind, those extensions often allow Amazon Sellers to detect and find a product opportunity browsing in 19 Amazon Marketplaces among over 350 million products.


When introducing Amazon, we cannot miss this company is a giant tech company with Global Marketplaces which are United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Australia, India, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sweden (new in 2020), Poland (new in 2021). Undoubtedly Amazon is the biggest online retail market and includes over 350 million products…

But how this colosal number of products is referenced and sorted?

Firstly, an unique ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) ISBN (International Standard Book Number) based on UPC identify each product. Secondly, on Amazon, products are also sorted by category and several levels of sub-category.

Indeed, the 26 Amazon’s categories and sub categories are:

[table id=2 /]

Obviously, these chrome extension use several criterias to calculate an indicator or produce an analysis on all Amazon products or in a part of Amazon catalog.

Criterias are at least the following:

  • Product Price
  • Review count
  • Review Rating
  • Monthly Sales
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Best selling period
  • Average Price over 90 days
  • Estimated Sales Trend
  • Rate of review increase
  • Amazon BSR


At last let’s see the offers of 3 competitors (, Jungle Scout and Viral Launch)

Already we cannot miss that this Chrome extension have an LQS indicator for each product and allow to download product review with filters in CSV format.

LQS indicator means Listing Quality Score and include 3 sub indicators with different weights in total as following:

  • Keyword Quality Score
  • Media Quality Score
  • Conversion Quality Score

Find out and compare

When spreading out, each sub indicator precises improvements criterias:

Firstly, Keyword Quality Score provides an analysis of listing description text on Amazon with improvement details.

Find out and compare


Secondly, Media Quality Score brings improvement ideas for video, pictures.

Find out and compare



Thirdly, Conversion Quality Score provides improvement ideas for reviews

Find out and compare

At last, let’s notice that each criteria is accurately detailed in bubble info.


Conclusion: this chrome extension is more to improve Listing Quality but it does not allow to detect product opportunity


Viral Launch

When opening, this chrome extension includes for each product 5 parts presented in 5 tabs:

  • Sellers
  • Keywords
  • Trends
  • Analysis
  • Calculator

Firstly, in “Sellers” part we can track product to not loose it and we have an insight of product category, BSR, monthly revenue and product price.



Find out and compare

Secondly, in “Keywords” part we get keyword ideas for listing with detailed datas as Average Price, Sales, Reviews and Revenue.


Thirdly, in “trends” part, we have a graphic of sales number on 1 year.



Then, in “Analysis”, the most crucial part you get an idea if choosen product can be sold easily with a potential margin or not.


Finally, in “Calculator” part we have an idea of product margin with profit by unit.



Conclusion: This chrome extension is an interesting decision maker tool but how is calculated profit by unit?


Jungle Scout

When browsing in Amazon, we notice Jungle Scout extension fits really well to page.

Also, we can track product. Moreover without launch extension we have already an insight of product datas as monthly/daily sales, ASIN, LQS, Net, Fees, Dimension, weight.


When launching extension, in one glance chrome extension provides 4 important informations on the product, average monthly sales, Sales Rank, price and Reviews.

On extension we also find a menu:

Conclusion: Jungle Scout presents a lot of product datas but in one glance is it good deal? But, we don’t know we have to deepen search and compare maybe thanks to tracking.


Scoring of competitors extensions


[table id=1 /]



To conclude, I think graphically and Jungle Scout extensions fits well to Amazon marketplace page ( However is not a decision maker tool to find product opportunity to sell.

When regarding listing improvement, is the best extension. Otherwise, Jungle Scout extension is the most complete product and get the best scoring.

Finally, Jungle Scout and Viral Launch allow to track products, it’s a very interesting feature to not loose time.

But my preference of Amazon starter seller go to Viral Launch which is the only tool to produce analysis on potential product opportunity. Obviously, this feature is essential to launch products on Amazon.



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