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“How to Choose Best Suppliers To Sell On Amazon?” is the third part of How to sell on Amazon

Two main suppliers

You have the choice between several sources of supply for the chosen product. However, the best and most popular suppliers are in China. To do so, you will have access to several relevant platforms to order your products online, without having to plan a trip to China that will cost you a good amount of money. Let’s discover these platforms together:

choosing suppliers to sell on amazon

  • : Alibaba is a reference in the world of e-commerce. It is a Chinese online platform which allows companies to purchase products at advantageous prices. Alibaba is nowadays the giant of e-commerce, especially after its IPO in 2014. The latter has made a remarkable and impressive entry. In the context of Amazon FBA, Amazon experts recommends Alibaba. The platform brings together an interesting number of suppliers, and a wide range of product choices. To find the product you are looking for, just type the keywords in the search bar. Afterwards, you will have a list of products and suppliers that will appear, allowing you to make your choice. To make sure the supplier is reliable, you can simply check their rating bar, and look at the reviews left by buyers.

choosing suppliers to sell on amazon

  • : Aliexpress is an e-commerce site that belongs to the Alibaba group. Concretely, it is a virtual marketplace designed for individuals, that is to say for BtoC actors. Its asset, is the sale of various products at wholesale prices. Explicitly, you can be a consumer, and buy online a product at a very low price. Therefore, the platform is not only intended for merchants (BtoB). Contrary to Alibaba, Aliexpress allows you to check the reliability of the supplier/seller thanks to the score given by the buyers, but also via the evaluation bar.

Other suppliers

  • As its name suggests, Made-In-China is also a Chinese platform that puts you in contact with suppliers. This site has the same operating principle as Alibaba.
    Of course, the list of Chinese wholesalers and suppliers is not limited to its three main players, the most solicited and popular. There are other sites with which you can collaborate such as :
  • BestOfferBuy
  • DinoDirect
  • NearbyExpress
  • HappyShoppingLife
  • Chinabrands
    Be sure to compare the offers of each wholesaler, weigh the pros and cons, and take into account criteria such as the product catalog (diversified or not), prices, the possibility of product customization, delivery times, certifications, and other considerable and consequent details.


The choice of suppliers: Other elements to consider

It is essential to note that the first step before launching any orders with suppliers is to get in touch with them. The goal is to contact the wholesaler, so that you can discuss together the desired products and the desired quantity. You will also have to inquire about the delivery time of your order, and the prices. Indeed, because sometimes the prices displayed are not those that the supplier asks for. After contacting the supplier you have chosen, you can ask him to send you samples of products. This step is primordial and decisive, because the quality of the products will have to be controlled. Otherwise, if you don’t, you run a huge risk of marketing poor quality products. Another detail that should not be neglected is the supplier’s reactivity and seriousness.

After that, you will have to move on to price negotiation to make more profit, and talk with the suppliers about the different conditions. Negotiation is quite possible with Chinese wholesalers, especially when the quantity of your order is large/massive, and you are considering a long term collaboration. However, make sure you remain realistic and reasonable in your negotiation procedure, especially if the products are worth it.

In conclusion this “choosing suppliers to sell on Amazon”, the choice of supplier plays a major and influential role in your sales process on Amazon. In the end, the goal is to conduct a profitable business, and this requires choosing the right products, and thus identifying serious and efficient suppliers. You both have to be winners as a result of your collaboration.

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