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How To Sell On Amazon In Seven Key Steps?

In requirement, you have understood the interest and exciting potential to sell on Amazon. After you can begin as an individual and scale later with business account. If you have already a business open directly a business account on Amazon.

According to Amazon “More than half the units sold in our stores are from independent sellers.”

1 . First you have to open a Seller Central account (first step of how to sell on Amazon)

You must register on

How to sell on Amazon

The set up account include your ID, address, company name, company address… and all documents proof that are consistent with the information provided.

There is a bundle of $39.99 in a month + selling fees.

2. You have to find a product

When you are selling on e-commerce, don’t forget to be seasonal according to your area where you live. Seasonal products are much more asked. You can also search for best sellers on Amazon and analyse Amazon customers behaviour.

3. You have to find a provider for this product

Ideally, you can find one on Alibaba ( and ask for quotes to several provider for one same product.

Compare them but not only price but also service like possibility of custom. Can the provider deliver samples?

Work always with the most reactive one. To start we advise to order small quantities 10 or 20 max.

4. You have to find a pricing

According to your fees (shipping, unit cost, Amazon fees, Amazon bundle…) you can calculate cost price for one unit. Ideally you have to determinate a pricing range according to competitors, product position and your min price based on your cost price + margin. (min price = cost price + margin)

5. You have to list on Amazon

There are two possibilities:

  • Match to an existing product listing
  • Create a new product listing

6. You have to ship product

2 options FBA or FBM:

  • Send your stock to Amazon warehouse (FBA : Fulfillment by Amazon)
  • Send each order to Amazon buyer (FBM : Fulfillment by Merchant)

7. You have to measure your performance

You have to compare your sales day after day week after week and month after month.

The result will drive to improve 2., 3., 4. et 5. How?

For example you can custom product packaging. You can negotiate this with provider. If your products are customs and differentiate from competitors, pricing can be increased. So when you customize product not only you bring differentiate offer on the market but also you build your private label. Moreover you can optimize listing on Amazon to get a better ranking and more product review.

Conclusion of How to sell on Amazon

To conclude this how to sell on Amazon, it’s a brief introduction to have a global insight of all the sell process on Amazon for beginners. Obviously we will detail steps more deeply in next articles.

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