How Zero fees are unique in Amazon sellers app market?

What problems do we solve?
Zero fees are unique in Amazon sellers app market? First let see what is the PricingScan App.

The main problem that PricingScan solves for sellers is pricing strategy. Repricing (aka real-time pricing) is the concept of selling the same product as other sellers at different prices. Variable pricing is based on current demand and ignores fixed pricing.

Another problem that the PricingScan app solves is making repetitive tasks simpler. Automated tools like AutoResponder with templates and easy to create emails and automatic triggers will prompt the ready-made emails to send.

Five parts comprise our dashboard to give you vital information to help you decide what products you want to sell. No fluff…but actual and real-time information like Best Sellers, Best Product, and Best Month. You can also dig deeper into Gross Sales and Average Product Pricing.


How PricingScan is unique?

As you can notice all of our competitors have complex pricing plans with not all features for everybody.
For example:
zero fixed fees

Zero fees !

Be finished with complex pricing plans of all our competitors we are the only platform in the market to offer a sales support platform for Amazon sellers with dynamic pricing and without any fixed fee.

Because we know that sales can be seasonal so when you don’t sell you don’t pay.

More, all available features in platform are for all sellers without limitations.

All of this for only 1% commission on your Amazon sales in a month.


If you are a seasonal seller or if you go in vacation PricingScan App will not cost you a dime.
Only thing to do is to set up vacation mode in seller central:

How to Turn on Amazon Vacation Mode (3 Easy Steps)

  1. Log into your Seller Central account. Select “Account Info” from the Settings tab in the top-right corner of the screen.

zero fixed fees


2. Select Listing Status then click on “Going on vacation?”

zero fixed fees


3. Change the marketplaces you don’t want to sell to “Inactive”

zero fixed fees


How does Dynamic Pricing work?

First you sign up on PricingScan App:

zero fixed fees

zero fixed fees

zero fixed fees


Second, you connect application into your Amazon Seller Central account

zero fixed fees


Third, application begin to calculate automatically commissions according to your Amazon transactions


Lastly, after 1 month our payment system (Stripe) charge you and send your invoice


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Charles Cortinas

Charles Cortinas is Full Stack Engineer at PricingScan. His philosophy: “Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else." – Les Brown

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Copyright 2022. PricingScan Corp. All rights reserved.