It's Now Amazon AI Which Decides Product Return After A Refund!

It’s Now Amazon AI Which Decides Product Return After A Refund! It is another aspect of Amazon AI we have already seen in SEO.

Amazon lets an artificial intelligence decide whether or not users should return the product after a refund. According to a Wall Street Journal survey, many e-commerce giants now rely on algorithms to decide. In some cases, it is cheaper for Amazon to let the buyer keep the refunded product.


Amazon, Walmart and other ecommerce platforms use artificial intelligence to determine whether a buyer should return a refunded item, reports a Wall Street Journal survey published January 10.

Indeed, Amazon and others sometimes let buyers keep a product they have claimed a refund. Other times, the giants of online commerce ask the Internet user to return the refunded product by mail or via a carrier. Increasingly, however, groups like Amazon prefer to let buyers keep the item, especially if it is a cheap product.


As the Wall Street Journal points out, it is economically more advantageous for Amazon not to claim the article. The cost of shipping the item, which is borne by the company and not the buyer, is sometimes higher than the price of the product. Under these conditions, heavy and difficult to transport products are generally not claimed by companies. In addition to these costs, logistics costs, sometimes high, must be added to put the items back on sale.

To weigh the pros and cons, the giants of the trade rely on algorithms. In order to make their decisions, the algorithms rely on data such as “customer purchase history, product value, and the cost of processing returns. Unsurprisingly, artificial intelligence monitors that buyers are not abusing the returns program.

In 2020, the number of items returned by buyers has increased by 70% over 2019, says Narvar Inc, a company specializing in product returns management. This increase is mainly due to the explosion of online orders during the pandemic. As a reminder, Amazon relies on artificial intelligence to assist it in many areas. For example, Jeff Bezos’ firm also uses an AI to ensure social distancing in its warehouses.

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