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What is new on PricingScan? Your personalized email funnels and mobile-friendly app First UP! Announcing AutoResponder’s to help save you time and stay connected to your customers. What is your biggest challenge with an online storefront? If you said the inability to interact with your customers, we have good news for you. Most of us...


Amazon Transparency protects now more than 10,000 brands. Let’s see how… Program built to prevent counterfeits is expanding to Japan and Australia. Firstly, transparency is a product serialization service that builds on innovative solutions. Therefore it ensure that customers always receive authentic goods when shopping in Amazon’s stores. But… How it works? Transparency allows brands...


Seller Feedback vs Product Reviews on Amazon Getting reviews on Amazon is pretty important. But can you distinguish the nuances between seller feedback and product reviews? Both are crucial to gaining visibility and being successful, so let’s take a look at what separates the two. Differentiating Between Seller Feedback and Product Reviews (Amazon reviews)  ...

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Copyright 2022. PricingScan Corp. All rights reserved.