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What is new on PricingScan?

Your personalized email funnels and mobile-friendly app

First UP!

Announcing AutoResponder’s to help save you time and stay connected to your customers.

What is your biggest challenge with an online storefront? If you said the inability to interact with your customers, we have good news for you.

Most of us miss that face-to-face interaction. Do you know why? Because communication is key to your success.

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success. – Paul J. Meyer

The latest release on PricingScan relieves the communication problem with AutoResponder’s.


What are AutoResponder’s?

A customer purchase triggers a sequence of emails automatically. Timely messages keep you in contact with your customers.


Why do you need AutoResponder’s?

The simple answer is the automation saves you time and money without sacrificing customer satisfaction.


Should I stop sending e-newsletters?

You should send out your regular messages such as …

  • product announcements
  • sales messages
  • promotions
  • and other company news


Is this GDPR compliant?

Obviously, we understand the importance of data protection. The AutoResponder within PricingScan adheres to all GDPR.


BUT WAIT…there’s more news.

Yes, a friendly mobile app is now available for you.

PricingScan has developed a mobile-friendly app to help you access your account and dashboard anywhere and anytime.

Easy navigation helps you find the answers you need quickly and conveniently.


Now you can access your dashboard on the go at your convenience.

Need the latest report?

Find your best product and best month anywhere.

Want a snapshot of the last year for a product?

It’s easy and convenient.


You can take advantage of PricingScan’s 15-day trial, the first complete Amazon Sellers platform with dynamic pricing.



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Got questions or comments about AutoResponder or the new mobile app? We’d love to hear from you.

Alberto Ortega

Alberto Ortega is Frontend Developer at PricingScan. He constantly seeks discomfort and is always pushing to better himself in all aspects of life.

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