What To Sell On Amazon In 2021? Here is How To Find The Right Products!

What To Sell On Amazon In 2021? Here’s How To Find The Right Products!

What to sell on Amazon? How does a seller who wants to get started on Amazon, the world’s number one e-commerce site, go about finding the right products to sell? Knowing that on top of that, Amazon is very picky about the requirements for its resellers.

Let’s look at this in detail, but before we talk about the different ways that can help you make this very important choice, let’s talk about the reasons why…

1. It is important to select the right products to sell on Amazon.

You will have understood that if you are viewing this article, it is because you also bring a great importance to the choices to be made in the selection of the products that you wish to sell on Amazon. To select your products well, it is :

  • Knowing the different prices on the market.
  • To be able to make a good business plan.
  • To be sure to be profitable.
  • To be able to increase your capital and therefore offer more choices in larger quantities.
  • To avoid customer returns thanks to quality products and therefore, to meet the requirements of Amazon Marketplace.
  • Knowing your competition and therefore, where you stand.
  • And finally, to know in advance if the customers of these items are satisfied.

By starting on these bases, you will be able to launch yourself with less risk. You will be able to become an e-merchant, a seller on Amazon. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s see what are the different ways to find the right products to sell on Amazon Marketplace.

2. Ask about the most requested items on Amazon.

Amazon has thought of you by creating a section reserved for the most requested items sorted by category. With this tool you will be able to find out what Amazon customers want. This way, you’ll be able to meet their expectations by offering them the items they are ready to buy.

For example, in the “Cars & Motorcycles” category, here are the most popular items:















List of the most requested items in the category "Cars and Motorcycles".


In the “Garden” category, here are the most requested items:















List of the most popular items in the "Garden" category.


Here are the most popular items in the “DIY” category:















List of the most popular items in the category "DIY".

On this page, you can choose the category of articles of your business sector and offer them for sale in your turn.


3. Use the “Selling Coach” on Amazon.

For e-merchants with a “seller” account on Amazon Marketplace, you can take advantage of Amazon’s “Selling Coach” services.

Amazon’s Selling Coach sends you personalized notifications, so you can become a better seller! When it identifies sales opportunities for you, it notifies you:

  • Via the “Selling Coach” feature. This feature is located on the home page of your seller account as well as on the sales chart page.
  • Via e-mails, directly to your inbox.

The selling coach informs you in case of:

  • Product opportunities, letting you know about limited quantities of products similar to those you’ve already sold that Amazon customers want.
  • Inventory opportunities to avoid stock-outs.
  • Processing opportunities (“shipped by Amazon” deliveries eligible for free shipping).
  • Opportunities to offer a low price, useful when one of your competitors has a lower price than yours.
  • From listings with missing information:
    • Failed: If the attempt to create a new offer fails, this will allow you to change the shot.
    • Delete: If the offer you created does not meet Amazon’s criteria. (See the “stock correction” tool.)
    • Quality: If your offers have quality alerts. (See the “Correct listings” tool.)

This is a very interesting tool that will be useful both for choosing items to sell and for improving your offerings on Amazon Marketplace. Also, you can become a much better seller by using it carefully and you can increase your sales drastically.



The choice of products you will sell on Amazon will be crucial for your selling career, you will have to act carefully, go step by step and use the “selling coach” tool that Amazon offers in order to rank you one day, among the best sellers present on Amazon.

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